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Coaching is an interactive approach to personal development. It is based on rediscovering the clientís own skills and goals rather than on external benchmarks. A good coaching relationship is an open flow of ideas and experiences.

Coaching helps you to improve your performance or understand what to do next using the skills and knowledge you already have.

Most importantly, coaching is based on a completely confidential relationship between the coach and the person to be coached.

Benefits of coaching to the individual: more success in their career, more enjoyment and motivation, higher goal-orientation and achievement, problems are being solved proactively and quickly, better work-life balance, in case of redundancy you will be able to refocus your energy on new goals.

Benefits of coaching to the employer: better employee performance, higher staff retention rates, lower survivorís guilt for employees that keep their employment in times of redundancies, better flexibility of employees, more motivation, prepare people for promotion (American Management Association)

Tips for individuals and companies that want to engage in coaching:

Tips for Individuals: Understand that good rapport between you and the coach is essential. You can refuse to work with a coach that you feel uncomfortable with. Once you have established rapport, be open to the coach. It will ease the process and help you get the most out of it. Be confident that the conversation with your coach is confidential.

Tips for companies: have a clear understanding what coaching can do for you and instill a coaching culture within your organization. Commit to the coaching process, in particular give the employee the time for coaching. Interview potential coaches to see if they fit into you overall company culture. Know that the personal relationship is key. The main reason why coaching can fail is due to a mismatch between coach and coachee.

The process: Typically, a coach and coachee meet for 4-8 sessions during which the coach supports the client to identify their own goals and the ways to achieve them.

"Coaching is more than a skill or a technique for individual and team development. It is invaluable for task performance and delegation. Most importantly, it places people at the top of the agenda in action not just in word and is an essential management style of the high-performing company culture of the future".......Sir John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance
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